Two US citizens in Ukraine feared captured by Russia

Officials and relatives reported Wednesday that two Americans who had volunteered to help Ukraine are missing and may have been taken prisoner in Russia. The United States is investing billions in Ukraine but not directly confronting Russia with its captive Americans. Alexander Drueke, Andy Huynh, and Andy Huynh were both

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1 in 8 people globally live with mental disorder: WHO

About one in eight people in the world live with a mental disorder, said the World Health Organisation (WHO) in a landmark report released on Friday calling for urgent action on transforming mental healthcare. Even before the pandemic, in 2019, the number of people living with a mental disorder was

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Covid vaccine patent waiver at WTO hailed in South Africa

South Africa has hailed the agreement at the WTO that developing countries can start producing their own Covid vaccines. The measure was first proposed by India and South Africa and a number of developing countries have supported it. The South African government, local vaccine manufacturers and the organised labour sector

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