Two US citizens in Ukraine feared captured by Russia

Officials and relatives reported Wednesday that two Americans who had volunteered to help Ukraine are missing and may have been taken prisoner in Russia.

The United States is investing billions in Ukraine but not directly confronting Russia with its captive Americans.

Alexander Drueke, Andy Huynh, and Andy Huynh were both US military veterans who lived in Alabama after losing contact with their families during combat in Ukraine.

Terri Sewell, Terri’s local congresswoman, stated that Drueke’s mother reached her earlier in the week.

Sewell stated that Drueke had not been heard from his family in several days.

“We will do everything we can to help him locate and find answers for his family.”

John Kirby, White House spokesperson, said that he couldn’t confirm the disappearances of the two Americans but added, “If it is true, we’ll make every effort t

He stated that Americans should not travel to Ukraine because it has been in a war for nearly four months against the Russians.

It is a war zone. It is war. Kirby explained to reporters that if you are passionate about supporting Ukraine, many other ways can be done that are more secure and as effective.”

The Telegraph first reported the disappearances of the men. It quoted an unnamed fighter who claimed that a more significant Russian force captured them after they ran into it during a battle in northeastern Kharkiv on June 9.

Lois Drueke was Drueke’s mother. She said Drueke told his family he was teaching Ukrainian troops how US-made weapons work.

She told The Washington Post that Alex felt strongly that he was trained in a way that would help Ukraine be strong and push Putin back.

These two Americans are believed to be the first to have been captured in Ukraine. Putin invaded Ukraine in February.

Reports indicate that two British nationals were killed in the fighting. Another two Britons faced the death penalty after being captured and convicted by a pro-Russian court as mercenaries.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced an additional $1 billion in military assistance to Ukraine. However, he stated that US forces would not engage Russia directly as it is a nuclear power.

In a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday, three Harvard University graduate students claimed that for years the Ivy League school ignored complaints of sexual harassment by a well-known professor and allowed him to intimidate students by threatening their careers.

Three women sued Ivy League schools after claiming Harvard’s sexual harassment was ignored.

“The message Harvard’s actions in the case sent is clear: Students should stop complaining. It is the price you pay to get a degree,” Russell Kornblith of Sanford Heisler Sharp, the women’s law firm, said in a statement.

According to the suit, as early as 2017 by John Comaroff, Lilia Kilburn was subjected to repeated forcible kissing and groping.

Comaroff also told her that she could be subject to violence in Africa if she were in a relationship with him on another occasion in 2017.

“Ms. “Ms.

Comaroff, who isn’t named as a defendant, stated in a statement by his lawyers that he “categorically denied ever harassing or retaliating towards any student.”

The statement stated that “Regarding Ms. Kilburn,” professor Comaroff had never kissed or inappropriately touched her.

Concerning the discussion regarding the possible violence she might face in Africa if she traveled with a same-sex partner to Africa, the statement stated that he was offering her the appropriate advice out of concern for her safety.

Margaret Czerwienski, Amulya Mandava, and Amulya Mandva were the other plaintiffs. They said that Comaroff threatened to endanger their careers after they reported Comaroff’s behavior to university administrators.

Comaroff claimed that he never threatened Mandava or Czerwienski but instead “consistently made all efforts to assist these students” and “promote their careers.”

Unless they make it public, the Associated Press doesn’t usually identify sexual assault and harassment victims.

In July 2020, all three plaintiffs filed complaints to Harvard’s Office for Dispute Resolution alleging that Harvard was violating Title IX. This federal law prohibits gender discrimination in education.

The lawsuit stated that Harvard’s inability to respond to repeated harassment reports against Professor Comaroff –until the media spurred them to — shows an institutional policy of ignorance: A system designed to protect the university, its reputation, and the faculty who maintain that reputation at the cost of its students.”

In an email, a Harvard spokesperson declined to comment on the lawsuit but gave a copy of a letter by Dean Claudine Gay from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It stated that Comaroff had been placed on administrative leave for the remainder of the spring semester last month after university investigators discovered that he verbally violated the school’s sexual and gender-based and professional conduct policy.

The suit seeks a jury trial, unspecified damages, and a verdict that Harvard violated women’s rights.

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